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Identity & Brand
Print Design
Web Design
Online Services
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Is your identity and brand attractive to your target market?

The logo identity is the "DNA", the essence, the purpose, the core value and the embodiment of whatever mark it is uniquely imprinting.

And a thoroughly developed brand entity is distinctive, authentic, relevant, adjustable, and adds value.

The definition of a Brand can be ambiguous but it’s generally narrowed down to the personality essence of a business (as with IBM, Apple, Amazon, Nike etc), organization (United Way, Planned Parenthood, UNICEF, etc.), product (like M&Ms, iPod, Hoover and Ben and Jerry’s), service (AT&T, Bank of America, State Farm Insurance, etc), and individual entities (for example Madonna, Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley, Dolly Pardon, etc).

The dynamics of the identity and brand goes beyond graphic design, smart text and bells and whistles, it must also convey a trust and commitment and action to products and services.

What is your company's brand essence, its personality, its culture?

Brand perception helps drive value, trust and integrity in your company.

A recognizable and distinctive brand can position your company apart from your competetors.

Branding has changed solo owners with garage start-up businesses into larger, profit-driven enterprises.

Effective branding can develop life-time clients and customers.

Are you looking for budget-minded print design?

For years we've crafted quality print design solutions for our clients that come under or meet their budgets.

Because of our creative ingenuity, experience in working with a wide range of printers and production know-how we are experts with budget-minded projects.

Some of the projects we design are catalogs, brochures, logos, packaging, business stationary, advertisments, posters, marketing collateral, business materials, etc.

Letting the designer know your budget isn't giving away trade secrets.

Like Architects, knowing the budget will help us quickly determine the best affordable solution(s) for your print design needs.

Is your business web savvy?

In this day and age of technology, social media and electronic communication, websites have become one of the most important channels to market a business.

The benefits to having a web presence include 24 hour, 7 days a week access to your business information (hours, location, phone numbers, etc.), product or service information, business notices and news, promotions, customer support/service, networking with clients, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), and others.

With the advanced technology of cell phones, people today are relying on their phones to surf the net while on the go.

This means anyone anywhere at any time can access your business website to find your hours, location with map, phone numbers, services provided or products sold.

In June 2008, Nielsen conducted a study which estimated the number of U.S. Internet users at about 199 million people.

Online Marketing or Social Media, do you really need it?

It all depends on what your business is about and the kinds of results you are looking for.

The benefits of having an online presence are many and many of these benefits depend on the degree of effort and effectiveness.

Online marketing offers customers and clients rich multimedia experiences. Because of this, businesses can more effectively engage in and manage online branding and relationship campaigns, which shape consumers perspective and feelings towards specific services or products.

Some Online Marketing campaigns may use Social Media to help attain business awareness and crediblity which gains consumer's trust and with that trust promote your business freely with other people they know.

  • Unlimited Exposure
  • Builds Relationships
  • Creates Community
  • Brand Awareness
  • Website Traffic
  • Improves Reputation
  • Builds Loyalty
  • Creates Word of Mouth
  • Promote Instantly
  • Gain Instant Feedback
  • Cost-Efficient
  • New Clients or Customers
  • Global Awareness
  • Personal Contact
  • Customer Engagement
  • Wide Audience

Not sure what you might need?

We'd be happy to talk to you about all our services and to help find which ones will be most beneficial for your business.

Tip: No matter what stage your business is in, start-up or veteran, we've found that having a solid understanding of what your business means to your potential clients or customers is essential to your business' health and survival.

Knowing the target audience intimately will provide the solution(s) to creating a united business identity, brand and core message that has meaningful experiences which attract people to your business' products or services.

  • Company Branding
  • Market Position
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Idea Conception
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Graphs and Graphics
  • Writing
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